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3D Rendering for Dummies Vol 1

The stats don’t lie!

It is a well-known fact that the property marketing works best on a pull system rather than a push system.

There is multiple reasons why you should use 3D Rendering in your Building Industry Marketing, be it for a new property development you're selling off the plans or for your building company or Architecture firm to showcase your new designs to potential clients.

3D Rendering is becoming more and more requested even earlier now with Architects and Town Planners using 3D Renders to show council the vision they have for the project and how it will fit in with the existing landscape, and what the finished project will look like.

We live in a digital world and todays biggest sales and marketing tool is a well-designed website, for both property marketers through to builders and architects. 

A plain Jane website with a couple of 2D elevations and black n white floor plans are no longer enough to sell your vision to potential buyers and clients.

Buyers want to know things like

“what will my apartment look like when finished?"

" What will the views from my apartment look like standing from my kitchen?"

"What is the pool area going to look like or the other communal areas?"

" Whats my new house going to look like from the Front and Back Elevation if I use that brick cladding? "

Using 3D Rendering photo realistic rendering and 3D Video tours you can now educate your buyers, the companies that use 3D Rendering to promote their building projects and designs will be the ones getting the results. 

You can start right here by talking to BHQ Design - 3D Rendering Studio about your next project and how 3D Rendering can help you close more deals.

Dont forget to pop back to read 3D Rendering For Dummies Volume 2 coming soon.

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