June Project Showcase 4

This week we worked on some larger projects from around the country. Working with residential, commercial and mixed developments, we are really excited to show you what we completed this week!



Portrush Grove Duplex’s

  • Company: Stelson Homes

  • Project Type: Duplex

  • Project Size: 4 Bed, 3 Bath.

  • Location: Portrush Grove, Mornington.

Take a look at this amazing new project we recently assisted our friends at Stelson Homes with. With plans to create a modern home for 2 families our clients are planning to replace the existing lot with a set of new Duplex’s. Located just minutes away from the Mornington peninsular, each of the new homes will contain a double garage, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a ground floor living & kitchen area that backs on to the outdoor pergola.

With the goal to provide the best possible marketing material to their potential clients, Stelson Homes got in touch with us. We assisted them by providing a number of 3D Renders that showcase both the front exterior and main interior areas of the new home.

Fowler Homes Development

Lot Name: Wainui

Lot Name: Wainui

  • Company: Fowler Homes

  • Project Type: 3 Separate Lots

  • Project Size: 3 & 4 Bedroom Homes.

  • Location: Silver Dale, New Zealand.

3 different houses in 3 different ways. Check out these incredible new homes we are assisting our friends at Fowler Homes with as part of a large Residential Development they are planning to build. Located in the small town of Silverdale off the east coast of New Zealand, our clients are planning to build multiple new homes in an area going through a period of growth.

With each of the homes having a completely different look, our clients are looking to create both 3 and 4 bedroom homes to keep up wit common family trends.

In order to get there un built project to the market in a way people can understand, Fowler Homes got in contact and requested some 3D Renders. We provided them with 3D Exterior Renders that showcase of the new homes to be built.

Lot Name: Silverdale

Lot Name: Silverdale

Lot Name: Redvale

Lot Name: Redvale

Condamine Crescent Water Front

  • Company: Evoque Interiors

  • Project Type: Waterfront Home

  • Location: 14 Condamine Crescent, Helensvale Gold Coast.

With the goal to create an amazing coastal home for a large family, our friends at Evoque Interiors have plans to create this incredible project in an ideal spot along Helensvale Waterways on the Gold Coast. With just a 3D model to work with, we worked alongside our clients to bring there vision to life. Located in an amazing spot we are looking forward to seeing the end result for this project.